Canadian Artist, Soapstone sculpture

One more event for this soapstone artist

As a soapstone artist that has traveled hither and yon for years, I thought I wouldn’t be presenting my soapstone carvings in a public space anymore.  Stone is a heavy weight to carry from place to place and this carver is not much for sitting still unless I am carving.  This all changed when a local Dundas business approached me about being in their first ever artisan show. A Christmas show that is close to home and my old stomping grounds I guess I am in.

Victoria Hall in Dundas is a gorgeous space in the heart of my old stomping grounds and as of this morning there is a dusting of snow on the ground. Perfect for holiday shopping and hopefully of adding a stone bear to the Christmas stocking.

Going to events as a soapstone artist is like moving houses.  I have 12 containers and a ton of bubble for a 6 by 6 space.  Totally necessary but, I am not a small guy and every piece needs a delicate nest before it gets to it’s spot.  Soapstone is a very fragile stone in the scheme of things.  Any ring scratch or bump of a sharp object can leave a depression mark in the stone and getting rid of that takes re sanding and a fair amount of work. Hence, my secret ingredient; basically lacquer that coats cars.  I don’t always use it, sometimes, beeswax, sometimes raw stone but for events, Clear Kote is the magic ticket.  People can look and touch and I have no inclination to put up ; Look But Do Not Touch Signs.  which is a good thing when you are surrounded by paying customers.


Wish me luck and if you want to see my work without visiting; Victoria Hall In Dundas Ontario Canada (yes that was a plug)


Thank you for coming by