Canadian Artist, Soapstone sculpture

Ho Ho Hold the carving


 To own a Johdan Stone Art carving is have your favourite present right at the time of the year that people are in good cheer. This is a shameless plug to support your local artist and if I am not local to you just pretend we are , since we are only a click away.

What if my favourite carving has been sold.  Well, I have an answer for that.

All is not lost I do work with people on commissions.  This has come up a few times since I have been posting on Instagram and I am so happy people are enjoying my carvings, now if they would only ask for one of their own to take home and admire in person.

Every carving is unique and that is the beauty of art.  The eye of the beholder, a different…. for every seat.  You get the idea. This holds so true if you love something I have already done,   I could never duplicate a work, each stone is different and I am different from day to day but I can work with you.  The latest commission was a squirrel and I almost loved the research and picking the stone as much as the customer loved the finished carving.

Check out my shop pages but don’t be shy about asking for more , more and more.  My wife will thank you for keeping me busy and I never have enough time in the carving shed.

Thank you for looking in.


Brazilian Soapstone, Canadian Artist, Soapstone sculpture

The United colours of Soapstone

I can’t say it enough.  Soapstone is a very colourful medium.

It sounds like I have a schoolboy crush on soapstone and I do. – strange as that sounds.  All of the pieces shown above are carved by me and all in soapstone.  There are always more colours and densities that I would love to try out. I really want to get my hands on some red and some aquamarine as the next challenges but, this spectrum is keep me in carving bliss.

The white and pink stones in the photos here are  Asian  and very soft.  If someone wanted to try their hand at carving,  those two are like carving butter.  Just be careful because unlike butter you can’t stick it back together if you make a mistake.  In elementary schools the children sometimes carve blocks of soap.  Perfect for trying out the carving skills.  Butter and soaps don’t have the dust of the actual stone so there is no chance of breathing in dust

The black  is Canadian and this piece of stone started life in Northern Quebec.  Then we have the big bear; Bonneville.  All one piece of Brazilian soapstone.  I have no idea what part of Brazil this boulder began life but, I picked the boulder out of a stone field here in Canada from a supplier.  Selling rocks is a business and people like me connect with other people to know about those people.

I don’t see it as tricky skill to pick a boulder and turner it into a bear but some might say it is; the magic of art.

Image result for open source photo of soapstone boulder

This is not THE boulder that Bonneville was carved from but, you get the idea.

If you would like to see more of my work, check out the shop pages.

Thank you for looking in.