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Ho Ho Hold the carving


 To own a Johdan Stone Art carving is have your favourite present right at the time of the year that people are in good cheer. This is a shameless plug to support your local artist and if I am not local to you just pretend we are , since we are only a click away.

What if my favourite carving has been sold.  Well, I have an answer for that.

All is not lost I do work with people on commissions.  This has come up a few times since I have been posting on Instagram and I am so happy people are enjoying my carvings, now if they would only ask for one of their own to take home and admire in person.

Every carving is unique and that is the beauty of art.  The eye of the beholder, a different…. for every seat.  You get the idea. This holds so true if you love something I have already done,   I could never duplicate a work, each stone is different and I am different from day to day but I can work with you.  The latest commission was a squirrel and I almost loved the research and picking the stone as much as the customer loved the finished carving.

Check out my shop pages but don’t be shy about asking for more , more and more.  My wife will thank you for keeping me busy and I never have enough time in the carving shed.

Thank you for looking in.


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Humour with soapstone art

Whether the  pieces of art sell or not, well that as always is up to the client. If I can have a sense of humour about my art most of the time, that is what I can control.

Pictured here is a spring chicken.  I entered myself in a contest a few years ago which in our circles is called; a juried exhibition.

Sounds quite a bit more professional and fancy to be juried and exhibited instead of shown.  Do dog shows have juried exhibitions?  Just wondering?

Either way,  I think you are supposed to feel better when you get in and worse when you don’t. This spring spring chicken bit of tongue in cheek humour made me smile and didn’t get in.

I think the criteria for the exhibition through the gallery that operated it was;  the change of seasons .  That is pretty all encompassing and could have taken anything from my art world including a collage of nature .  I however veered towards humour.

In case you may need some explaining;  I am a gear head turned artist (therefore a spring was part my stock and trade)  A chicken has the prime of their life and then they are gone, to a pasture or someone’s dinner table.  It might be a stretch for the change of seasons and a stretch for the jurists but, abstract work is entered into exhibitions all of the time and with some of those, you can do a headstand and not figure it out without the little card of explanation.  Love that type of art

This whole carving is solid but I am pretty proud that the old bird looks like he is teetering on the moment of springing off to head for some worms.

Do I wish that I won the contest, of course- winning is the only thing.  But I laughed and humour is an important thing.