A gearhead as an artist?

One never knows where art will come from, the precision and patience required of a mechanic is surprisingly similar to the attributes for a professional sculptor.

Dan has always loved the lines and emotions of art and has the mechanical eye of knowing that 1/16 of an inch makes the difference in balance and precision for his soapstone dancing bears.

His artistic journey began when Dan started to purchase art from world renown soapstone carver; Ben Henry and the Henry family. He became a family friend before ever picking up the soapstone carver’s tools.

The Johdan Stone Art is primarily made of soapstone but, no stone is safe from carving tools.

Johdan Stone Art’s growing popularity has presented many new phases for his art including; commissions to sculpt corporate awards, gifts and requested pieces for those who enjoy this artist’s unique work .

Dan created the soapstone award for the Best Canadian Feature Film at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.  Due to Dan’s background as a professional stock car driver, one of his most exciting commissions has been the sculpting of the 2007 Grand Prix of Toronto Trophies in Canadian soapstone.

Enjoy the website and please contact the artist for more information.